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1 hour GFE

***Please note this review has been translated. Please go to the source to view it in its original form.***

Diary release

Object name:Alice blake

Contact information:escortify

Paid price:250

Evaluation attributes:verification

My age:38 years old

Visual weight:60~65KG

Service attitude:very good

Visual height:165~170CM

Visual age:25~28 years old

Sex skills:very good, very powerful

A comment on face value:Personally think beautiful

Chest attributes:Grip SIZE E (real chest)

Leg attributes:Common standard

Abdomen attributes:Small belly

Skin texture:Very smooth and detailed

Environmental equipment:Clean and tidy

Extra services: 

The girl often visits Okumura in the South Island. She is attracted by the big breasts and fat buttocks in the photo. The discount price of 250 is offered to the girl in advance, and the temporary order is generally 300. When I open the door, the girl’s breasts and ass are bigger than expected, it looks like it should be size 12. Plus, although the figure is plump, the front is straight and the back is curled up, and the face looks very handsome. I couldn’t help but put the girl down on the bed and buried her face deep in her big breasts for the first time, sniffing the frankincense greedily, then slowly slipped her mouth between her legs, and asked, may I? Be my most happy girl The service of service, biting and unfastening the buttons of the girl’s underwear on the genitals, the girl happily, it seems that you are familiar with the road, and then suck the girl’s peach blossom without losing the opportunity, and the long tongue goes straight to the pussy. After a while, the girl twists and twists The kinky water overflowed and the bed sheet was wet. When something unexpected happened, the girl suddenly said in Chinese: "Fuck me!" I was taken aback, and the girl put on a condom for me while she laughed and said: My Chinese is still so-so, right? You insert it first, don't make me anxious, I will speak slowly. Of course, I obeyed the order to ride this big ocean horse and slowly jumped in and listened to the girl's talk. It turned out that she had been a foreign teacher from Canada to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Guangxi for more than two years and learned a lot of Chinese. I also know how to play. Fly, fuck your mother, your mother B and other national studies. I asked her if she had been fucked by a national boy in China. She said that she had no chance to go with her boyfriend in those two years. Now she broke up, so you can fuck me badly! My pleasure! So I pressed the turbo button and slammed, I saw the girl's big breasts swaying, her mouth was squeaky, and then I turned the girl over, plumped her butt high, and violently thrust and collided with her pussy, and saw the girl's white ass The waves flew, and the strong stimulus of touch and Zhujue made JJ who was charging down below hard! For a hundred and ten rounds, the girl couldn’t help climbing down. The old man was able to forgive her gently. He grabbed a pillow and put it under her to raise her hips and then violently. Finally, at 69, he held the girl’s huge butt and buried her face deeply. Among them, the girl kept her hand in hand and ordered thousands of children to escape from prison. Enjoyable!


2 hr GFE uprgraded to overnight

 Amazing Alice Blake in Invercargill

Alice Blake

I’m very new to the SW scene. It took a lot of courage to finally take the plunge. Due to a few anxiety issues, i have only looked for people who will visit me. I have been with Alice twice. She was my first encounter. It was wonderful, but far too short lived. I had been looking for a while, trying to find someone who grabbed my attention. Alice just happened to be touring that night. She came over and was so friendly and easy to talk to. After the incredibly perfect action, we just lay naked and chatted. It was so lovely. Its very difficult to not want to be touching Alice at all times. She oozes sexuality and confidence.

It was such a lovely, sexy experience that when I found out Alice was coming back I had to see her again. I was not going to settle for a brief encounter this time. I expressed to Alice that my anxiety made it difficult for me to venture out socially. She pointed out that we could spend some social time together first. I selected an overnight stay so we could have a quiet, unrushed drink in my mancave first. When she arrived, she was again so friendly. It felt like an old friend was visiting. She asked me about interests that I had shared with her last time. I gave her a few little gifts I had made for her. And we spent time chatting. Alice listened to my unusual life story, and never judged me. She shared her thoughts and her experiences related to my story. Next thing I know, we have spent hours chatting. We decided it might be time to go inside, as it was so late, and we were both getting tired. Once inside, I shared a new interest with Alice, and we spent a little time with that. I could tell she was getting very tired. I explained that I had enjoyed the social time with her so much that just cuddling up in bed would be enough to make me very content. We got into bed and cuddled. Unfortunately, my cat felt that Alice was here to visit her, and decided to join us, to wrap Alice up in an odd way, and to go to sleep guarding this wonderful girl.

After a very nice, comfortable cuddle, with my hands exploring those amazing curves, Alice turned to me, looked deeply into my eyes, sighed in an incredibly sexy way and kissed me. Wow! I had been so completely happy with our time that sex wasn’t even important to the experience. But Alice made this all seem like a real girlfriend situation. She was very clear that she wanted this, and it wasn’t just out of obligation. So I enjoyed my time with her in another amazing way. We seem to be very compatible in the bedroom. She shows great response and is so passionate. She was perfect in every way. So easy to talk to, so easy to touch and hold, and so incredible to be intimate with.

Unfortunately for me, most likely like many other men, I am totally smitten with Alice. No one would compare now. So I must just wait for her to tour here again. Its probably better that she is not based here, or I would be calling her everyday for another visit.

I have nothing to really base a comparison on, but I don’t believe there will be too many girls like Alice. She is so clearly just genuine, down to earth Alice. I don’t think she changes anything about herself for her clients, but her personality is so captivating that you fall for her charms instantly.

I will be waiting with baited breath for her next tour.


1 hour GFE

Alice is a real person, she's very sweet and kind. I'm pretty sure that we actually went over the hour that I paid for as I showed up earlier and we got to talking. Her pictures are genuine and she only ask to be treated with respect. I had an amazing time. Thank you Alice x


1 hr SM uprgraded to 1 hr GFE

First thing you are going to notice about dealing with Alice is she is polite, smart and well organised. She has all the details there to find, just tell her what you want, be respectful and you are off to a good start. When you are in her company it’s impossible not to be attracted to those curves, those hazel eyes, her intelligence and playful wit. Make sure you don’t rush a visit with this woman, my biggest regret was not having longer. My recommendations If she is in your town try and get to see her Why she has options for quickies (and if that’s your only option grab it) try and get a decent amount of time with her. Spend time pleasuring her as well. It’s well worth it :)

Submitted onto this site directly


1 hour GFE

Theres no awkwardness from when you walk in the door till you leave.. her cheekiness and how she can hold a good Conversation get you in mood straight away, I genuinely love the lil cuddle up ses we have inbetween. I mean im a regular now but wish she’d go through my city more often. For that moment you with her she knows best how to make a man happy and if you know what you’re doing you’d see her respond to your every touch. (Sooo sexyyy when she bites her lips). super classy yet she’l blow your mind and them boobies Are just Haha you’l agree when you get your hands on them. Any booking less then an hour be a regret cause you’d wish you didnt have to leave, those who have been know best .

Foxius Maximus

1 hour GFE

Short Version:
I tried to book Alice about a month ago before she embarked on her tour. That booking was made but it fell through because of Alice, so she gave me a discount if I decided to make another booking with her for when she came back to Dunedin (Great form). Her ad, stats and photos are accurate. Although I feel that her photos do not truly capture the roundness/PAWGness/curviness/size of her backside and all it’s magnificence. Kissing her is enjoyable, she seems into it/sells the illusion well. Her blow job skills are good, no teeth felt anywhere. Note: I don’t like my balls played with so asked her not to when she did, if ball licking/sucking is your thing, I have no comments to make. That ass though! It is a great view. Alice’s fucking/riding skills are on point. Personality wise, she is talkative and has a keen sense of sarcasm, in a manner that makes her come across as very friendly, charming and relaxed. Great girl. 

Long Version:
My meeting with Alice has always been inevitable, but somehow our stars never aligned in a way to enable us to meet. She was part of my night shift/late night crew/post-midnight team on AF, before she left in her self-imposed exile. I usually saw eye to eye with, although when we didn’t, it was entertaining for me. Anyway, enough of the nostalgic prelude. 

I tried to initially make a booking with Alice before she embarked on her tour about a month ago. We made a booking and making the booking was very straightforward especially since Alice provides instructions on her ad (seriously, read it). Unfortunately, Alice informed me that she had been unable to find suitable accommodation due to the rugby being on in Dunedin that night and had to cancel our booking that night. She offered me a discount for my inconvenience and making a booking either when she came back to Dunedin as part of her tour, or later after her tour. The discount was a great. Great form Alice! Daisy is going to hate me for saying this, but more WGs should do this. If you cancel, perhaps consider offering a discount for the next booking. 

While on the subject of discounts, I should also say that Alice offers a $50 discount on for pre-bookings that pay a deposit. I didn’t know that one could make an anonymous deposit into a WG’s bank account through a BNZ atm. Alice informed me that you could. I tried to do it, but I couldn’t figure it out. Alice later informed me during that booking that you should start without inserting your card. Take note, because a $50 discount is not insignificant and makes Alice’s prices super reasonable. 

I made a booking for a 1 hour GFE session with Alice. This is my account of that. 

The place she was staying at was very nice when I went there. It is a discreet location, not THAT infamous Dunedin house lol. If you ever punted in Dunedin, you know which house I am referring to. When I got there, Alice greeted me with a smile on her face, fully clothed. I don’t know if this was the case, but my immediate impression was that she seemed like a nervously hyper, friendly girl. 

After the paper work was out of the way Alice showed me to the shower. In the bathroom, Alice and I shared a cup of mouthwash which was weird for me as I always use mouthwash in my car before a punt. But I guess a double serving can’t hurt. She then left me in the bathroom with a towel, asking if I would like her to be undressed or fully clothed (so that I could undress her) when I came out. I opted for undressed. 

Post-shower, I went back in the room wrapped in a towel and ready to have some fun and fun I had. A bit of joking around was followed by kissing and fondling. She is good kisser. Started slow and sensual, then slowly got more and more into it. Blowjob followed to help my better, yet smaller half rise to the occasion. It was a bit of a mission to help the dark knight rise, so to speak, but we got there in the end. Kissing Alice’s full lips was nice, although I felt some weird stubble like sensation at times, I don’t know if it was her or me lol. I have a beard and perhaps felt my own hairs turning on me, coming in my own upper lip. I then found her on top of me riding and me getting more and more into it. She has a lot of skill in farming, specifically being a cowgirl.

She was on top allowing me to play with those HUGE boobs. They are amazing! One minute she was on top, then I was on top. Not going to lie, it all happened so fast. I tried to go slow at first, but the excitement was hard to contain. Went all in and I was a spent force after 30 minutes into the hour booking. 

Following the clean up of the over-filled condom (tmi sorry), I was not going to go for seconds. Not because Alice isn’t great, she is. I have a hard time getting hard or being in any way sexual after an orgasm. A multi-shot is a very, very rare occurrence for me and something I rarely opt for. As such I never asked Alice if it was included or went for it. Instead chilled and chatted with her on the bed. She is nice talkative girl, we shared laughs. The sarcasm is strong in her. Note; I hadn’t told her that I was indeed Foxy, but she knew. She had found out very early in the booking but didn't let me know that she knew. 

Chilling with Alice until our time was up was followed by a shower together to finish up. It was in the shower that she revealed that she was aware of my secret identity of being Foxy. I tried to encourage her to come back to the forum. I hope she comes back. 

Overall, I don’t go into a booking with a plan or much in the way of expectations. I go in expecting to come out of the booking feeling better than when I went in. Alice more than exceeded these expectations. Her curvy voluptuous figure is certainly understated in her photos. She led me thorough what was an amazing booking and I can’t wait to see her when she finally returns from her tour (if she will have me lol.) My one regret is that I didn’t go down on Alice, specifically because she has dental dams and I wanted the experience of using/seeing one. I have never used one.

Mr. S

30 min GFE

Have had the pleasure of spending some time with Alice. If you're thinking about seeing her, then stop thinking and just book her. Gorgeous girl with a great smile, nice boobs and a juicy round butt. Very friendly and high-quality service; just wish I had more than a 30 minute booking.


1 hr Straight Double with Ashley Monroe

Reposted by popular demand. 

I swear this was Alice's idea. A very good one as it turns out. I'm sandwiched between Alice and Ashley on the couch, getting caressed and pampered and seduced while we get to know each other, meeting at long last, cos there'd been a bit of chatting and flirting here and there and I'd been hankering to meet them both and here we are, here I am, killing two birds with one stone, as they say. And I've hit the jackpot, the early worm has got the birds, as I settle in for what is obviously going to be a whole lot of sexy fun.

And so it is, we dance and hug our way into the bedroom, an occasional pause here and there to shed an article of clothing or two until eventually we're a naked and unruly pile of bodies strewn on the bed, I gather the troops together for a team cuddle but this doesn't last long, we celebrate perpetual motion here at AA unanimous, Alice and Ashley are not resting on their laurels, or their guest, they've got a good time to show him and show him they do.

Then a wand appears and gets pressed into service, and I idly wonder why it's called a wand, it looks nothing like a wand, I'm no expert but Harry Potter's is long and skinny; this baby is big and colourful and looks for all the world like something Katy Perry would swing around the stage when she's not roaring into it. But this train of thought is doomed, because the girls are tackling their guest with gusto, no sooner do I get used to one delicious activity when another one appears, overlapping the first and I reckon I'm giving multitasking a fair shot, although to be fair I don't have much choice in the matter. And the wand is wandering, covering a fair bit of ground, we all get to enjoy its affections in its travels, the first of many things that add to the large pile of condoms on the floor and I have my hands full, in many ways, including the nicest possible way.

It's an inundation of women, it's like the floodgates have opened and I get swept up and away in a rush of boobs and bodies and grins and laughter and sensations and this is fun with a capital S

Ah yes, Ashley and Alice are awesome. Ain't it amazing, a kooky old guy who's no oil painting can show a bit of koha and a bit of respect and have an experience most men would only ever dream of.


1.5 hr SM

I have seen this lovely ladys profile many a time catch my eye and i have spoken to her here on forums, I was lucky enough we were talking here and she mentioned she would passing threw my town at such a time, at the last minute decided to make the booking it was simple .She arrived at my place and almost strait away we hit it off , we chatted ,then went threw to the bedroom . Alice is a very friendly attractive young lady , and the Canadian voice is a turn on, she treated me with the up most respect and it was like wise , the booking was not rushed & we both had a great time . Thanks ALICE I appreciate your time with me . Recommend this lady.