According to Gary Chapman, author of “The 5 Love Languages”, knowing one another’s language in a relationship can work wonders in understanding how we express and receive love.

Unfortunately, one love language of the five gets the worst rep for being the most materialistic.


Yup you guessed it: the language of gift giving.

It raises the notion that:

“The way to someone’s heart shouldn’t be through their wallet.”

As someone who loves to give and receive gifts, I’ve realized how highly misunderstood this love language is.

For starters:

It’s less about the gift and more about the thought that comes from the gift which communicates emotional love.

- Andrea A

If it hasn't been made obvious already, my love language is gifting. I don't expect gifts from anyone but if you feel like getting me one it will be remember. This can range from a handwritten note to something off my wishlist to something completely new and original. Whatever it is I will truly appreciate it, if it has a story to it even better. So if you want to get me something but are completely stuck on what to get here are some things currently sitting on my to buy list:

Flylite Horizon Suitcase set (75cm and 55cm) can be found at strandbags - to carry all my stuff to see you


Any type of bluetooth over the ear headphones - for entertaining myself on my touring


Any type of iphone 128GB capacity or higher - for taking and storing pictures for you

download (1).jfif

Your favourite book - I love to share our passions, show me what you read and we can talk about it next time I see you


Any type of iphone tripod - for taking more selfies and videos for you


Any type of ring light - for taking and better quality pictures for you

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I'm building my alcohol collection, so any type of hard liquor or wine - let's have a drink together